Now about the properties of the drug. The vessels relax in the genitals and blood circulation increases as a result of the effect of the active substance on the man’s body. The penis is tightly filled with blood and becomes much more sensitive, and the sensations acquire unprecedented strength and intensity. Sexual pleasure increases. You should drink a pill 50-60 minutes before intimacy for the well-timed effect of the medicine. After the appearance of the effect, you can count on 4-5 hours of its action. It is possible to buy Kamagra for conducting sexual life both as usual, and for long weekends, for example, for holidays with your beloved.
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The medicine Kamagra is one of the best and most cheap generic Viagra. Kamagra and Viagra are produced by the same chemical formula, contain the same active substance – Sildenafil. Of course, their properties are absolutely the same. To make it easier for you to imagine what a generic is, let’s use this analogy: the original and the generic are two dishes prepared according to the same recipe by different housewives. And, if both hostesses are experienced and conscientious, then both dishes will be cooked perfectly.
But the convenience of buying and the price of a generic – the exact opposite of the original means. Firstly, about prices. Generic costs 3-4 times lower. Quite a legitimate question: why? Because all the costs of developing the formula, its research, testing of the finished product, brand advertising incurred the company that manufactured the original medicine. And this is a huge investment!
Of course, developers want to recoup their costs and make a profit by high price. Manufacturers of analogues use the finished result. The cost of their products is much lower and therefore they can afford to set a price that will be available to the broad masses of men, even with a small income. Moreover, Kamagra in online pharmacies is sold without a prescription and is not inferior by its quality to the original drug.
We have already said that the result of using Kamagra depends not only on its qualities, but also on the correct technique. We do not undertake to give here the full instructions to the drug, but only select the most important points from it. But still, we strongly recommend that before you buy Kamagra, get acquainted with the detailed instructions, as well as visit a doctor, for the analysis of the condition of your body, contraindications and possible side effects, and for the selection of the optimal dosage for you. Below we provide basic information you need to know before using Kamagra.
We have already spoken about the frequency of taking. You can take Kamagra with a gap of 24 hours or more. Alcohol is incompatible with medication. Their interaction can seriously harm health.
Please note that the instructions contain a whole list of drugs with which combining Kamagra is extremely dangerous. These are drugs with nitrates, nitric oxide, some antibiotics, antiviral drugs, drugs to increase potency and others. Serious diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, congenital malformations of the penis, and immune diseases also are contraindications. Familiarize yourself with all the contraindications before you buy this cheap medication.
All the side effects such as headache, redness of the face and upper body, dizziness, changes in blood pressure, a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, changes in vision and others, can not appear by themselves. Their appearance indicates a violation of the rules of admission, the wrong dose or intolerance to the components of Kamagra.
But usually, these side effects do not cause much harm to health. They are momentary, and their removal does not require medical intervention, as they pass on their own after some time. So, feel free to buy Kamagra in our online pharmacy at a very low price and the potency problems will disappear forever.